About Us – Knitwear

Company Profile

Beltinka Beltinci d.o.o. is a company that makes high-quality knitwear with a varied history. The beginnings date back to the 1920s. The company has been restructured several times during its existence, currently belonging to its 30 employees as small enterprises.

The main activity of Beltinka Beltinci d.o.o. is the manufacture of men's and women's knitted wear. Knowledge and modern technology, great flexibility, extremely short delivery times and small-volume high quality production are the main advantages of the company, which makes our customers return time and time again.

The company protects its competitive advantage with continuous development, a highly flexible production process and the compliance with agreed short delivery times. We specialize in the production of small production batches and unique products for very demanding customers. Production in the company is in principle serial, but the company also offers individual orders or services. We take a creative and unique approach in our work, as customers rely on the company's knowledge and expertise and expect concrete solutions from the company that meet their needs and expectations.

The genuine and professional relationships that the company has with its permanent customers bring complete mutual trust in agreed business dealings.

Vision – High-quality knitwear

The vision of Beltinka Beltinci d.o.o. is that, as the only knitwear factory in Slovenia, it remains present in the European space as a company that, with its knowledge and technological capabilities of knitwear, achieves the sales goals of its clients


The mission of Beltinka Beltinci d.o.o. is to produce high quality knit products and meet the needs of our customers using our knowledge and technological capabilities.


Main company guides and values:

  • build partnerships with our customers and business partners at very authentic and transparent levels,
  • respect and full confidence in business cooperation,
  • develop relationships with employees based on integrity and respect,
  • high quality products and uncompromised flexibility,
  • ecological and social responsibility.

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